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We are The Together Plan

We are a UK charity working with socially and economically disadvantaged communities in the former Soviet Union.

We help communities to help themselves

The Together Plan trains communities and their leaders to conceive, plan and run community activities, and pass on their skills to members of their and other communities.

We are sensitive to cultures and values

The Together Plan always works to understand a community’s needs and our projects are sensitive to the local culture, traditions, laws and values of that community.

We are the Next Generation

Our Youth for Youth movement brings together passionate young people across Europe and beyond to share ideas and expertise to transform their own and each other’s communities.

We revive Judaism

The Together Plan provides Jewish education and helps revive Jewish traditions, after tragic and destructive decades under Nazi occupation and Soviet rule.

We remember the past

The past is the key to understanding the present and planning for the future. Our heritage work includes recovering lost Jewish headstones in Brest, and translating Minsk Ghetto survivors’ memories into English.

We provide for the present

The Together Plan sends 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Belarus each year, from clothes to classroom supplies for Jewish Sunday schools to toys and games for disadvantaged children.

Presenting The Together Plan International Film Festival

The Together Plan is holding a film festival screening four films on the theme of ‘Heroes’. The films – made in Poland, France, Belarus and Germany – will address issues relevant to The Together Plan’s work, including Jewish and Belarusian history.

Join us on the 26th February for our first screening, of Karski and the Lords of Humanity, the compelling story of a the Polish underground courier who traveled across occupied Europe, infiltrating the Warsaw Ghetto and a Nazi transit camp to deliver eyewitness accounts of the unfolding Holocaust to the allied powers.

Finchley, UK

Polotsk, Belarus

Bobruisk, Belarus

Hendon, UK

Radlett, UK

Brest, Belarus

Slutsk, Belarus

Minsk, Belarus


Hub of The Together Plan’s Belarus operations, we support the Minsk Jewish Community (including survivors of the Minsk Ghetto), run community projects for disabled children and adults, and offer material support to the Minsk Association of Families with Many Children

Meet Minsk

Warsaw, Poland

Kraków, Poland

Where we work

The Together Plan works to help re-establish community in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe.

Decades of Communist rule has left individuals mistrustful of others, communities – especially religious ones – shattered, and people unaware of how to take control of their futures and the future of their communities. The Together Plan works with communities and their leaders to help them to develop and move towards self-sufficiency.

Our work current focuses on Belarus and Poland, with communities in Minsk, Polotsk, Bobruisk, Brest, Slutsk, Vetka, Kraków and Warsaw.

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Our Aid Together project is a powerful community building tool as well as alleviating poverty

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Latest News

Photos from The Together Plan BNI Supper Quiz 2017

Photos from The Together Plan BNI Supper Quiz 2017

Last night, 131 people packed out the hall at Finchley Reform Synagogue for The Together Plan's annual Supper Quiz, organised in association with the BNI Chipping Barnet business networking group. Guests enjoyed a combination of delicious food created by BNI member...

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Sponsor Warren Lipman as he embarks on a 7-day jungle trek

Sponsor Warren Lipman as he embarks on a 7-day jungle trek

Warren Lipman might be one of The Together Plan's most dedicated supporters. Tomorrow, the director of Storm IT and a member of the BNI networking group (to which The Together Plan belongs) embarks on a seven-day trek through the Cambodian jungle in aid of The...

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From Our Communities

Photos of Tu Bishvat Celebrations in Polotsk, Belarus

Photos of Tu Bishvat Celebrations in Polotsk, Belarus

The Polotsk Jewish Community in northern Belarus planned and executed celebrations for Tu Bishvat, festival of the trees, last Sunday. The Together Plan team have been working with this group helping them learn the skills they need to take control of their own...

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Winter Camp 2016 in Polotsk is an amazing success

Winter Camp 2016 in Polotsk is an amazing success

This December, the Jewish community of Polotsk, Belarus held its third annual Winter Camp. Polotsk's youth leaders had prepared three days of exciting activities for the communities children, covering various Jewish and educational topics and ranging from sports and...

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New playground for the only Jewish school in Belarus

New playground for the only Jewish school in Belarus

Last week saw the opening of a new playground for the Hatikvah School in Gomel, Belarus, in a project overseen by The Together Plan. The playground was sponsored by Jewish Child’s day, a children’s charity based in the UK and a longstanding partner of The Together...

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