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About Us

We work to help communities in the former Soviet Union learn to help themselves

The Together Plan exists to build relationships between communities in the UK and in the former Soviet Union that are based on openness, trust and a spirit of cooperation, and to provide support and training to those communities to help them move towards a self-sufficient future.

We believe that communities can learn to self-develop, with responsible guidance and close collaboration. Many communities in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe rely on funding from charities in order to exist, but this is a fragile and insecure solution. As charity funds reduce, communities are disappearing. The ethos of The Together Plan, is to unite communities with development partners in a way that is open, honest and transparent, so that we all work together to find solutions for a more sustainable and independent future.

At The Together Plan, we always establish a direct relationship with the people we are trying to help. We know through experience that we must listen carefully, and be sensitive and respectful to local cultures, the legislation and rules of the regions in which we work. We listen to their needs and we help to address those needs, but by working closely with communities, we are able to encourage and develop skills of the members of the communities so that together we can help them to responsibly reach a potential and a capacity they didn't know they had. This is called Community Capacity Building.

What We Do

Aid & Mutual Assistance

In our unique project, even humanitarian aid is used to build self-sufficiency

Reviving Judaism

Rediscovering lost traditions unites, empowers and offers direction


Our peer-led movement trains and empowers the next generation


Through preserving the past, we interpret the present and plan for the future

The Story Behind The Together Plan

The Together Plan is the brainchild of Debra Brunner (London) and Artur Livshyts (Minsk). Debra Brunner made links to Belarus in 2008 when her family hosted a visit by two children from the south of Belarus, an area that was, and continues to be, badly affected by the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster of 1986. That experience had a profound impact on her and led her to become involved in Jewish Community Development and distribution of humanitarian aid to the region. This work led her to Artur, a citizen of Belarus who was already heavily involved in Jewish Community development and aid distribution locally. It became clear to both that many different types of communities, were struggling to exist due to a clear lack of skills and tools vital to grow, develop and sustain community life. For this reason The Together Plan has become a reality.

Meet the Team

Like with every community, all of our successes are down to our fantastic team, who give their time and expertise to The The Together Plan's vision in each in their own way. We'd love you to meet our volunteers, trustees and directors.