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Heritage Projects

Preserving what we inherit from the past helps us interpret the present and plan for the future

The Power of Heritage

Heritage provides one of the foundations on which people construct their identity, and we have found it to be of vital importance when working with communities. Many of the Jewish communities that we are working with have chosen to develop cemetery or heritage mapping projects and these act as a vehicle to bring people together, not only from the local community under development, but as a way of linking to the wider Jewish community who have personal connections to these communities.

Through the heritage projects, communities are becoming visible. This heritage mapping is enabling them to be found, where before they were isolated. Connections are forming which brings new support partners which in turn empowers the once isolated communities as they are start to grow. Growth attracts new interest locally and with more people, more projects develop and so the capacity of the community builds.

Headstones Project, Brest

Work to recover lost Jewish headstones will also secure the future of Brest’s Jews

Cemeteries Project

We help communities to rediscover their past, restoring and cataloguing Jewish cemeteries

Preserving Memories

Working to give a voice to a forgotten group of people, whose stories were at risk of being lost.