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The Together Plan’s project to translate the memories of survivors of the Minsk Ghetto into English moved a step closer to completion this morning, as the process of editing and proofreading the first draft got underway. Volunteers Hilda Bronstein and Bett Demby joined The Together Plan’s director Debra Brunner to begin converting the draft translation into a publishable book.

The book contains the stories of the survivors of the Minsk Ghetto, notorious throughout Europe for its exceptionally horrific conditions. The ghetto was destroyed in 1942 and its inhabitants massacred. Decades later, some of the few survivors wrote down their recollections, and the compilation was published in small numbers in Russian under the title “We Remember! We Bequeath to the World our Memories…” The Together Plan is collaborating with the Jewish Genealogical Society‘s Yizkor book project to translate and publish the book in English.