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Yesterday, over twelve tonnes of humanitarian aid began a four-day journey by lorry to Belarus, where it will be received by our team in Minsk. The occasion marks the culmination of over six months’ work by our team of volunteers who collect, sort and pack the aid ready for dispatch to Belarus.

The packing operation began at 8:30am at The Together Plan’s warehouse in Mill Hill, and our lorry – chartered especially from Belarus – arrived an hour later. Volunteers then spent the next six hours loading bags, boxes and furniture onto the lorry. Donations ranged from blankets to schoolbooks and babies’ nappies to Zimmer frames.

We are incredibly grateful to all the volunteers who helped with the loading of the lorry. A special mention must go to Neil Clowes, who not only weighed in himself but brought with him four employees of his removals company, Apt and Able. Thanks are also due to Adam Woolf and Mitchell Harris for their help with loading. All three are members of Chipping Barnet BNI. Finally, wishing all the best to our driver, Andrey, as he undertakes his 1300-kilometer voyage across Europe!

Watch this space for more pictures once the lorry reaches Minsk and the unloading and distributing process begins!