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The Together Plan’s operation to rescue headstones from the dismantled Jewish cemetery of Slutsk, Belarus has reached a new milestone, with the recovered headstones transported to a safe enclosure for storage and cleaning. Protected from loss and damage, we have been able to count the headstones for the first time – and no fewer than 198 precious monuments to Slutsk’s lost Jewish heritage have been unearthed and rescued, as well as a number of smaller fragments.

Now, The Together Plan and the project’s sponsors, the Zeliger Foundation – named for a Jewish citizen of Bobruisk who risked his freedom to preserve the memory of the Holocaust in his hometown, whose relatives are now continuing his work – can begin to plan the project’s second phase. Culminating in the building of a memorial, we plan to create a varied programme of activities for community members of all ages, helping to engage them with their Jewish identity and their community and transforming memory of the past into a vibrant future for the community.