Our co-directors attend haunting ceremony to mark Belarus Holocaust memorial opening

The Together Plan’s co-directors Debra Brunner (London) and Artur Livshyts (Minsk) were invited to attend a moving ceremony marking the unveiling of a memorial in Novogroduk to the victims of the Holocaust.  The Together Plan also facilitated the attendance at this event of many members of the Minsk Ghetto Survivors’ Association, who were provided with transportation to the ceremony and invited to personally unveil the memorial themselves.  The well-attended afternoon brought together representatives who made this memorial possible, as well as local and international dignitaries including the mayor of Novogroduk and the United States Chargé d’Affaires Robert Riley.

The memorial comprises an impressive, beautiful statue outside the Museum of Jewish Resistance in Novogroduk, depicting a young girl in what is likely a fancy dress costume.  Its design is based on a photograph, taken before the tragic destruction wrought by the Holocaust, of a Jewish child named Michle Sosnovski, who, as a young woman, was later tortured and murdered at the hands of the Nazis. 

The ceremony included haunting renditions of Eli Eli and Hava Negilah sung by local Belarusian artists, as well as dance pieces and speeches.  The event concluded with a panel discussion around the theme of ‘Remembrance and Commemoration’, in which The Together Plan's co-director Debra Brunner was invited to participate.  Also on the panel were Frida Reisman, chair of the Minsk Ghetto Survivors’ Association, and Tamara Vershitskaya, curator of the Partisans Museum in Novogroduk, both of whom are longstanding partners of The Together Plan.

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