we are the together plan

The Together Plan empowers communities in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to learn how to help themselves. We help communities to see what can be achieved collectively, and work with community members to develop skills and provide the training necessary to realise their vision.

We help to set up and run projects which community members of all ages can benefit from and participate in. At the same time, we promote responsible and transparent leadership, which is vital to develop the genuine friendship and trust necessary for a community’s survival. Ultimately, our communities will become self-sufficient both financially and in their activities – at which point we will step back, watching the community progress from strength to strength.

our latest projects

the Brest-Litovsk Jewish cemetery

Residents of Brest have made the horrifying discovery that their town is built out of headstones from the city’s demolished Jewish cemetery.

We are creating a memorial to preserve this important piece of history and return the headstones to a fittingly dignified setting.

a Jewish heritage journey through Belarus

We are in the first phase of developing a Jewish heritage trail through Belarus. Jewish and non-Jewish communities will play a central role in the project as we start to explore the history.

You can’t build community until you know your story, and this is the start of a very exciting journey of discovery. Be part of it.

our latest news