In 2019, The Together Plan became a member of the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage – the AEPJ


Slonim Synagogue

The AEPJ, an NGO created in 2004, is a network that serves as a platform to develop cultural initiatives and educational programs to European Jewish sites. It works to promote better knowledge and understanding of European history, create awareness of cultural diversity and strengthen European citizens’ cultural identity.


The AEPJ, based in Barcelona, coordinates and manages the European Route Route of Jewish Heritage, one of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.


Route Managers within the network of approved members are all playing their part to tell the story of the Jews of Europe. Our role at The Together Plan is to build a national route in Belarus, engaging citizens, historians, local institutions (schools, municipalities and museums) and those in the Diaspora to tell the story of the Jews of Belarus.


Through the AEPJ, we access training, professional development, networking and support from the scientific committee.


Museum of Jewish Life in Rubezhevichy

Key areas of importance are:


Sources (archives)

Citizens involvement and community growth

Cultural management 

Cultural marketing and storytelling



Our introduction to the Belarus National Route of Jewish Heritage can be found here.