Nine tonnes of humanitarian aid sent to Belarus

Last week, The Together Plan dispatched its latest shipment of humanitarian aid to Belarus. Our Directors Debra Brunner and Artur Livshyts, along with a collection of amazing volunteers, spent the entire morning and early afternoon on Sunday 30 September packing and loading resources onto the lorry. The material being loaded included countless sacks of clothing, musical instruments, a wardrobe destined to become an ark, as well as other pieces of furniture.

Roughly nine tonnes’ worth of material was loaded onto the lorry by our volunteers, who generously gave up their free time to do so. The Together Plan would like to thank everyone who helped, because without them this simply would not have been possible. This delivery represents the latest phase in our ongoing commitment to provide humanitarian aid to communities in Belarus. The loading was completed in the afternoon and the lorry set off for Belarus the following day.