Maccabi Fun Run

Maccabi Fun Run

On 23rd June our dedicated (and perhaps crazy) team are stepping up to support The Together Plan by taking part in the Maccabi Fun Run. Together we’ll run, walk, hop, skip and dance through a distance of 10km, 5km or 1km (or all three!) in support of communities in the former Soviet Union.


The Together Plan works to revive community in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, currently focusing on Belarus. Through close partnership with our communities we help them to grow, connect and become self-sufficient, giving vulnerable and isolated people control over their lives. Our humanitarian aid project annually distributes over 20 tonnes of vital supplies to more than 10,000 people throughout Belarus.

Or why not register to run or walk with us and start getting sponsorship yourself!

Meet Our Runners

Click on the photos to find out more about us or to sponsor an individual runner.

Jonathan Bennett


Sponsor Me

I am an ardent Liverpool FC fan, and Boots Optician in Cockfosters so between the day job and the football there is little time for training walks. But as a fellow BNI member with Debra Brunner – I decided it was time to step up and out for a charity that supports the isolated and vulnerable, community development and revives Jewish life in the town my family came from! Please support this determined, passionate and transparent charity doing really great work.

Debra Brunner


Sponsor Me

Some of you will know that I’m a fan of power walking and Belarus, and several years ago I combined those loves and walked 4 marathons in one week in support of communities and individuals in need! Crazy, yes, but the pain and the blisters was worth the effort and the support raised contributed towards the growth of community programmes in the former Soviet Union that would otherwise never have happened. So to continue and develop the work that has now been started, we are getting out in force on June 23rd to garner support for the next phase of developments. I hate running, have never been a runner, and don’t know how! But last year I stepped up and ran my first 5K and swore it would be my last. I seem to have a short memory as I now find myself signed up again. I will be in France on the day of the event….but I am not letting that get in my way, and I will be running for the cause from there. I am praying it’s not hilly where I am going!! Please do support. Thank you

Martin Carroll


Sponsor Me

I’m Martin Carroll and I’m 36 years old. I’m a professional fitness trainer and boxing coach. I’m passionate about health, fitness, food, and helping others do what they think they can’t. I’m raising money for The Together Plan because I recognise I am blessed to be healthy and happy and therefore I want to give back to those less fortunate than myself.

Adrian Dayne


I am stepping out to do the Maccabi Fun Run to support the fantastic work of The Together Plan. I fully recognise the dedication and hard work that is going into growing this small and impactful charity, bringing positive change to the lives of other people and I am glad to do my small bit to help.

Michelle Rose


I am a retired Food Product Developer from Marks and Spencer and now a part time cookery teacher and full time Foodie. In between cooking and exercising I manage to find time to work as a volunteer for The Together Plan as an events co-ordinator.

I am running the 10km as it will be a major personal challenge for me as I have not run this distance for years. In addition, I will be able to see first hand how all our hard earned sponsorship funds will be put to fantastic use for The Together plan.

Stephen Haire


I am a 43 year old who was born and raised in Northern Ireland and lived there throughout the Troubles before moving to Israel in 2014 where I lived for two years working in a Kibbutz in the Negev for 18months and volunteering 3 months with SAR-EL in an army medical base and 3 months on a goat farm in the Judean hills. I travelled extensively throughout the land and even managed some charity work as well running the Jerusalem half marathon to raise money for some needy causes.

I moved back to England to take up a post training as a paramedic in EEAST in late 2016 and now live in Clacton, Essex with my wife and two young daughters. I am a convert to Judaism and am currently a member of Norwich Liberal Judaism Community.

I first heard of The Together Plan when I attended the Jewish expo in Allianz Park and was more than impressed with the amazing work which the organisation does and I will be attending the events they are hosting in May in Finchley.

When I entered the Maccabi Run there was one organisation which I felt I wanted to raise money for and that was The Together Plan. I am attempting to run all three races – 10km, 5km and 1km – and I hope this has two effects: that it will raise the awareness of the great work The Together Plan does for such special people and to encourage people to make a donation to help support the projects which The Together Plan provides. So please donate and together we can help continue the fantastic projects that The Together Plan provides.

Michael Blake


I am supporting The Together Plan because it is a charity I fully believe in. I see from the inside the dedication and passion that goes into giving Jews in the former Soviet Union a voice. Our cultural heritage matters and our communities matter and The Together Plan are really engaging at the most organic and grass root level to ensure people and stories are not forgotten. Please support this important cause.

Harvey Susser


After more than 20 years working in the development field in the central and eastern Europe, I am convinced that helping provide people with the skills and confidence they need to develop and manage community based social action programmes is one of the most powerful and sustainable forces of change for the good. I am supporting The Together Plan because of the great work they do in this area, helping rebuild communities from the bottom up in countries where community infrastructure had been totally dismantled in the post war period. Please help support the ongoing work of TTP by sponsoring me in the 5km walk

Josh Leitner


My name is Josh Leitner and at the age of 47 I took up running last year for the first time. I will be running (along with my trainer), on my fifth ever 10k. Really proud to be representing and competing on behalf Debra Brunner and her Together Plan Charity, doing such amazing work with communities in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. My first target is of course to actually complete the race and then really anything below 60 minutes will be a massive bonus.



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  1. Donation of £20.00 in support of Josh Leitner

    Next Time I will sponsor you to wear a Geshmak branded T Shirt

    • Donation of £35.00 in support of Harvey Susser

      Sorry the donation is late. Hope it all went well

  2. Donation of £25.00 in support of Adrian Dayne

    Adrian, you are going to be doing a lot of walking this year, and this is a great way to start,

  3. Donation of £10.00 in support of Adrian Dayne

    Good luck Adrian old pal. ( Just remember Mr Bailey! He would have been proud of you! xx

  4. Donation of £20.00 in support of Jeremy Gubbay

    Harveboy I cant believe you are walking and not running. You’re getting old mate !

  5. After seeing your training photo – I want to join you Harvos !!!Good luck, have fun – a great cause.

  6. Donation of £30.00 in support of Debra Brunner

    We will make you a very large Gin and Tonic for when you have finished!!

  7. Donation of £50.00 in support of Debra Brunner and Martin Carroll

    Good luck Debra and Martin plus rest of team. sorry we are not running/walking with you this year but as always supporting in the wings.
    Laura and Ian

  8. Donation of 500.00 in support of Jonathan Bennett, Adrian Dayne, Debra Brunner, Josh Leitner & Martin Carroll

    Good luck BNI team, I’m rooting for you

  9. Donation of £20.00 in support of Harvey Susser

    Don’t finish all the cakes! Enjoy your day.

  10. Donation of £50.00 in support of Debra Brunner

    Go for it Debra. You can do it! Bon chance ma chère!!

  11. Donation of £50.00 in support of Jonathan Bennett

    Good luck Jonathan!! from Slavi 🙂

  12. Donation of £25.00 in support of Jonathan Bennett

    Good luck for the day. I hope you beat your personal best!

  13. Donation of £20.00 in support of Harvey Susser

    Good luck Harv from Mark,Susie,Joe and. Nia (the dog)

  14. Donation of £10.00 in support of Jonathan Bennett

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The faster you walk
    The quicker you’ll get to the pub

    Well done jb good cause. X

  15. Donation of £100.00 in support of Michelle Rose

    Best of luck and well done for supporting such a worthy cause

  16. Donation of £50.00 in support of Michelle Rose

    Good luck Michelle. Love Lisa and Stephen xx

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