The Together Plan in Minsk celebrates with new mothers

Last week, The Together Plan in Minsk joined representatives of charities and local government to celebrate with new mothers on Minsk Day, an annual city-wide celebration. The Together Plan Co-director Artur Livshyts, representing Dialog - a Minsk-based NGO and partner of The Together Plan which Artur chairs - joined one delegation visiting maternity wards to welcome the city's newest residents - some 39 children who were born on Minsk Day itself.

The new mothers received donated clothes, toys and disposable nappies - an expensive luxury in Belarus that relieves the significant extra burden that washing and sterilising reusable nappies imposes - for their babies. The Deputy Mayor of Minsk, Igor Yurkevich, also took part in the celebrations, which was featured prominently by Minsk city media, as did Natalia Kravchenko, Director of the Minsk Association of Families with Many Children. The Association is a longstanding and valued partner in The Together Plan's humanitarian aid project, Aid Together, so we are delighted by the success of this joint event.