inaugural belarusian cultural evening a resounding success!

inaugural belarusian cultural evening a resounding success!

Around fifty people gathered last Sunday for The Together Plan’s inaugural Belarusian Cultural Evening, which celebrated Belarusian music, art, literature and food, showcasing the very best that The Together Plan has to offer.

The evening was put together by The Together Plan’s London development and projects team, and presented by Sonia Richardson, Jonathan Clingman and Jake Goldman.  With the bimah of Finchley Reform Synagogue transformed into ‘Babushka’s living room’, enraptured audience members were transplanted from leafy north London into the forested and magical landscape of Belarus, on the other side of the European continent.

Copious amounts of Belarusian treats were available.  Our guests sampled pickled herring, home-made pickled cucumbers and beans, black bread, vodka-infused mulled wine, sharlotka (Belarusian apple cake) and many more delicacies.  Meanwhile Jake, Jonathan and Sonia presented a carefully put together programme of informative and engaging content, which included haunting renditions of landmark Yiddish, Belarusian and Russian-language songs and poetry.  Belarusian art was exhibited and its key protagonists explored, and audience members heard first-hand the testimony of a Holocaust survivor, to be included in our upcoming translation of a book of memories, We Remember.  We took audience members on a journey through Belarus’ varied and troubled history, introducing some of our most vital and needed projects which protect and preserve a proud and endangered heritage.

We hope to put on similar events at various locations, bringing the fascinating world of Belarusian culture to an even wider audience.  If your organisation is interested in hosting one such event, contact for more information.

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