The Together Plan Co-Director gives Manchester Menorah talk

The Together Plan Co-Director gives Manchester Menorah talk

Debra Brunner, London Co-Director of The Together Plan, was received warmly and attentively by around twenty members of the Jewish community of Manchester last week.

The event, which took place at Manchester Menorah Synagogue (Cheshire Reform Congregation), included many insightful questions from community members.  Some of those in attendance have visited Belarus with The Together Plan and its forerunner in the past, and many expressed their excitement to get more involved in supporting The Together Plan, for instance by collecting humanitarian aid items and arranging for their transportation to our London warehouse.

Debra spoke about her personal journey towards advocacy and activism for the revival of Jewish life in Belarus.  She also outlined her efforts alongside our Minsk co-director Artur Livshyts to establish The Together Plan as a dominant force in the achievement of communal self-sufficiency across Belarus, as well as in international philanthropic enterprise in the former Soviet Union more generally.

The attendees then heard about some of the much-needed projects currently being undertaken by The Together Plan, including our heritage project to restore the Grand Synagogue of Slonim, as well as humanitarian aid provision, work with Minsk Ghetto survivors, and more.  Also in attendance were our Development and Project Coordinators Jonathan Clingman and Jake Goldman, and the community Rabbi at Menorah, Rabbi Fabian Sborovsky.

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