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On this page, we’re creating a collection of resources and information you can use in your community. The material here has been created by Rabbis, Cantors, musicians and other Jewish community leaders from all denominations of Judaism, to make sure everything is of a high quality. We’ll be adding to this over time, so watch this space.

Music in Prayer – Pesach

This section contains the information you need to learn about the traditions of Pesach and to hold a Seder (Pesach ceremonial meal) in your community.


A Haggadah is a handbook for the Seder, containing all the stages of the Seder in order. Everyone at the Seder needs a copy of the Haggadah so that they can follow proceedings.

Our Haggadah was written by Clive Lawton and translated by Jonathan Clingman, Arina Pikhtova and Nick Trapp, shared with the author’s permission.

Pesach Music

Pesach is a joyful celebration of freedom, and songs are central to it. The link below contains recordings, lyrics and sheet music of many traditional Pesach songs. We’re grateful to Rabbi Mark Goldsmith of Alyth Synagogue for permission to use this collection.