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Brest-Litovsk Jewish Cemetery Memorial Fundraiser

Wherever you are in the world – please donate today through The Together Plan in the UK or Jewish Tapestry Project in the USA (where donations will be tax-deductible for US taxpayers). If you need guidance please email: [email protected].

Our project

Over 80 years ago, more than 1200 remnants of headstones that once stood in the Brest-Litovsk Jewish cemetery were desecrated and used for other purposes.

These headstones have been discovered over the last 20 years and will finally come home to rest in a stunning memorial.

This memorial will be a testament to Brest’s rich Jewish heritage, acknowledge and honour the community that was so brutally extinguished, and educate visitors about Brest’s Jewish community of today.

our need

We are well on our way to meeting our $325,000 fundraising goal, but we can’t do it without your support. There are 5 project milestones.

These plans, which are as beautiful as they are powerful, are completed and construction is commencing – but we can’t finish this project without your help. We are grateful for your contributions and are asking for all funds to be received by August 2024.

Phase 1: $6,400

Photography, reading, translation and cataloguing of every salvaged piece

Phase 2

Designing of the memorial. Commissioned by Illuminate Foundation.

Phase 3: $118,600


Submission of planning applications, land surveys and the purchase of the raw materials

Phase 4: $100,000

Early 2024

Part 1 of the construction of the memorial

Phase 5: $100,000

Mid 2024

Part 2 of the construction of the memorial

Our progress so far

Interested in learning more? We are sharing detailed accounts of this project as it evolves.

We’ve raised $106,400 so far, which is 33% of our total!

support our campaign today

Wherever you are in the world, please make a donation, by using the form below, and keep informed of all the project updates as they happen.

If you are in the USA, please click here to make a tax-deductible donation via our USA partner 501(C)3 Jewish Tapestry Project.
Please click here to read about our partnership.

We need all the help we can get to reach our fundraising goal. If you are celebrating a bar mitzvah, wedding or milestone birthday – please consider it as an opportunity to help us create awareness and fundraise. Ask us for more details on how to create a personal fundraising link.

The Together Plan is hugely grateful for cornerstone funding provided by The Illuminate Foundation.