наследие Полины

17th March 2020

We were very sad to hear today of the loss of Polina Dobkina, a most remarkable and resilient lady.

Polina lost 36 members of her family in the Minsk Ghetto and was the sole survivor. She escaped the ghetto at the age of 16 and survived in the forest with a Russian partisan unit. Her role in the unit was as a nurse. Polina’s story can be read here (page 48).

Polina married Mikhail Dobkin and went on to have three children Semen, Sofia and Arkadiy. She and her husband lived for many years in Minsk, before emigrating in 1992 to the USA.

In honour of Polina, who passed away yesterday, 16th March, pledged donations to The Together Plan and the work we do to support Jewish communities in Belarus, can be made below.

If you are based in the USA we will contact you with details of our partner 501(C)3 charity in the USA who will accept the donations on our behalf.



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