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Dialog is one of the oldest and most established charities in Belarus. It supports the establishment and development of partnerships between organizations and individuals in Belarus and other countries. They also work to alleviate social, welfare and educational issues that communities and their members may be facing.

Dialog is the official partner of The Together Plan, representing its interests on the ground in Belarus.

The European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ) supports the preservation, appreciation and promotion of Jewish culture and Jewish heritage in Europe and is recognised by the Council of Europe. The Association also strives to encourage Jewish sites to be open to the general public. These goals are notably achieved through its two leading programmes – European Days of Jewish Culture and European Routes of Jewish Heritage. The Together Plan became a member of the Association in March 2019.

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The Together Plan is a partner of UCSJ, a US based charity with a very significant history. The Union of Councils for Jews in the former Soviet Union was founded in 1970 and is a Washington DC based NGO. From 1970-1991, UCSJ led the grassroots movement to allow Soviet Jews to emigrate; and spoke out against anti-Semitism and human rights abuses in the USSR. After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, UCSJ created human rights organisations in the various new countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU).

Today, UCSJ reports on the human rights situation in countries throughout Eurasia, exposing hate crimes and assisting communities in need. UCSJ uses grassroots-based monitoring and advocacy, as well as humanitarian aid, to protect the political and physical safety of Jewish people and other minorities in the region. UCSJ has partnered with over 55 other NGOs to report on and discuss incidents of human rights transgressions through the blog Coalition Against Hate, the main purpose of which is to unite the NGOs in their struggle against xenophobia, neo-Nazism, and extremism in the FSU.

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Through the development of the Jewish Route in Belarus, The Together Plan will be collaborating with the National Library in Israel, to help bring information to the library and equally so the library can help with the development of content as the route develops.

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Jewish Child’s Day continues to be a valued support partner in the work we do with young people in Belarus. Jewish Child’s Day exists to benefit Jewish children who suffer from physical and emotional disabilities, neglect, abuse and financial hardship.

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As part of our mission to give communities in Belarus a voice and help them feel empowered, we decided to help them to play an active role in Mitzvah Day, so that they could be valued participants rather than onlookers from afar. In 2015 we took Mitzvah Day to Belarus and the positive impact was phenomenal. It is a challenge every year to make this happen, but we strive to do all we can to ensure it does.

Guided by the Jewish values of tikkun olam, gemilut chasadim and tzedek, Mitzvah Day’s vision is of Jews and non-Jews coming together to build more cohesive neighbourhoods and to strengthen civil society.

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Debra Brunner, co-founder and CEO of The Together Plan, is a 5-year member of BNI Chipping Barnet (Business Network International). This is a networking group of business professionals who meet weekly and support one another’s businesses. The level of support that The Together Plan receives from the members of the Chapter is extraordinary, and the charity in return has brought swathes of business to the Chapter. The ethos is ‘givers gain’. If I give you business, you give me business. BNI is a valued support partner, showing how the business community can play a vital role in the growth of a charity.

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Debra Brunner, co-founder and CEO of The Together Plan is in the Paideia alumni – after attending the 2019 Project-Incubator Course for the development of the building of a Jewish route through Belarus. Paideia actively promotes the renewal of European Jewish cultural and intellectual life in the wake of the Holocaust and the trauma of communism, supporting cultural diversity and disseminating humanistic values.

It emphasizes its education towards a positive and democratic paradigm of minority presence in Europe through the creation of programs that are in dialogue with the wider society. Paideia encourages the inclusion of people with an interest in promoting Jewish culture, regardless of denomination or affiliation, and by engaging in interfaith and intercultural dialogue.

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